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Its Herbal Magic

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A UK-based e-commerce website, Herbal Magic, had some troubles with the online strategy they had implemented for their digital success. It was apparent that the digital marketing strategy they had in place was not delivering them the results they had hoped for.

At first, our client, Herbal Magic, had poor online visibility with almost no organic traffic and a much higher bounce rate. What they wanted was to increase their brand awareness with an increase in online traffic to their website and generate quality leads through the site’s SEO campaign. So, our goal was to boost their business’s online presence and hence, their profits, by fixing all the SEO issues on their website. The challenge was that their website had plagiarized content (content copied from other sources) and a large number of spam links, which lead to their keyword rankings dropping by the day. Perhaps the main reason for the website’s downfall was that the website wasn’t created using a good font or a right combination of the colors. In fact, the predominant color palette of their website made it more spammy.


We started working towards our client’s online success with thorough research on their background, target market(s) and industry. It was crucial to get to the bottom of all of this in order to find out what our client was involved in and find the best strategies to put in place.

Herbal Magic wanted to create a new organic search campaign focused on their organic hair and beauty products. So, naturally, our aim was to build a unique link building campaign that focused on our client’s herbal products while also being engaging and interesting to their target market at the same time. For this, we suggested Herbal Magic that a website update was in order if they wanted their website to actually look like an herbal product online store. The client understood and implemented what we suggested and soon launched a brand new website with an updated look and feels. After that, we disavowed links to the website so that all the spammy, artificial, or low-quality links pointing to the site could be removed otherwise the links would have caused a manual action.

Once everything was in place, our e-commerce content experts wrote keyword-focused content for the products and the categories and replaced all plagiarized content from the website with fresh, engaging and relevant information. After that, our SEO experts optimized the product and category pages including other On-site optimization techniques.

As our client provided their services locally as well, we created a Google My Business listing and optimized it. We regularly posted offers and the latest news on their Google listing, which really helped increase the sale of their products. We also registered the website on other high-end business listing websites such as Yelp, Trustpilot, yellow pages to improve sales even more.


All the hard work paid off as we noticed a significant increase in Herbal Magic’s organic traffic by 67% with no more than 5.09% bounce rate. The strategies implemented by us increased their online sales and over 3565 keywords secured high ranks in search engines. The strategy was a success, so we continued with it. As was expected, the website’s conversions and revenue continued to grow as well. The UK-based website is now generating leads from the United State also.

Our organic search strategy for Herbal Magic has delivered some impressive year-on-year results. Some of these results may include an increase in the number of page 1 term to 41.67% as well as a considerable growth in organic traffic by 67%. All of our SEO endeavors helped the brand improve its SEO visibility and drive traffic to the website. Moreover, the quality of these placements also helped to raise awareness of the brand. We achieved good rankings on our targeted keywords and now, the website is also generating traffic and revenue from the United States. We call that a success!

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