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BluTech LLC

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BluTech LLC launched a new version of their website with an updated name. Because BluTech had already established a solid reputation in the market under a different brand name, the challenge for us was to uphold this reputation and grow the website’s digital presence as well as traffic via organic search. An even bigger challenge was to come up with a fool-proof plan for their newly launched products as they were not receiving enough traffic from mobile devices.

After changing their brand’s name to BluTech, the client needed their new brand to have that same search visibility and awareness as the last one. So, the challenge was fixing all the broken links errors first.  We stepped in to help with a full content marketing strategy to attract more traffic and establish the brand as an authority in the online space. Most of their digital competitors are high-end brands, so building the strategy based on the right keywords and long-tail phrases of potential searches were absolutely crucial to engage potential visitors.


After doing the keyword analysis and a technical SEO audit, we came up with a great content marketing strategy that could boost the client’s online visibility, traffic as well as their product range. Our campaign included a wealth of useful content ideas to engage publishers and online influencers, increase exposure of the brand and build natural links.

The SEO experts immediately began with in-depth research of client’s online status and their competitors. Firstly, we managed to dig out the best keywords and update the Meta tags on the pages. We also removed all the broken links that could hamper the performance of the website. The process involved the optimization of content readability of the whole website that could result in better overall site usability. All these steps were taken in order to exploit every possibility to make the website work for their customers and potential prospects.

After this, we produced regular Hub content to activate good exposure in the search engine. We generated content that would promote their products, in keeping with the ‘Google Rank Brain’. We listed the website on many high-end business-listing websites to further increase the visibility of the website.

The client has generated many other pages in mid of our SEO campaign, so we did keyword analysis for them as well and optimized them for the search engine. We mainly focused on the content that could educate the target audience. Adding pages also affected the loading speed of the website, so we worked regularly on that as well. Also, the client has used large images for the website so we worked on the mobile responsive task too.


We noticed the improvement in organic users. Till now they have 203,970 Pageviews on the website. We also saw an increase in mobile traffic by 37.45%. Through our vigorous SEO approach, we also worked on securing the website for the market. Our thorough SEO process secured website’s ranking for 4,661 keywords with 28.9K clicks with our support!

After a significant investment of time and effort, we were finally able to provide the client with satisfactory results. The first noticeable improvement was the Page views on the website – which now stand at 203,970. We ranked the website for 4,661 keywords with 28.9K clicks and all of our SEO endeavors also resulted in the growth of mobile traffic by 37.45%. The client is now adding more pages to the website and we are looking forward to optimizing them so that they secure higher ranks in search results.

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