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Spaces Designed is an Austin-based Interior Design Company that provides quality commercial and residential interior remodeling services. The company’s website was suffering from poor online visibility, so the client wanted someone to handle their WordPress website and SEO, while keeping the website blog updated with write-ups written in their own tone and style.

Spaces Designed did not have the digital presence that its competitors boasted of. So, the client wanted someone to take care of their website optimization needs to get more visibility on search results for most keywords relevant to their industry, and thereby, draw in a larger group of people to their website.

The first issue we noticed was the website’s loading speed: it took a really long time to load, hampering the user experience. We also noticed a ton of SEO blunders on the website, which may have played a part in the site’s below-par digital presence. Naturally, the client wanted this to change and position their brand as well as themselves as an authority in their niche. Now, our challenge was to enhance the client’s online image through their website and fix the SEO issues while doing so.


After completing a technical SEO audit, we decided on a strategy that could give our client benefits that they were expecting from their website in the first place.

We started our work by doing a comprehensive research on Space Designer’s background, target market and industry. We also did a competitors’ analysis to see what their competition was up to. Following the research, we knew what we needed to do and that was to fix the on-site issues. So, the first thing we did was fix all the on-site issues such as missing Meta tags, heading tags, SSL issue and more. Once all issues were fixed, we also fixed the website design issue by improving the UI of the ‘Contact Us’ page as well as the security checkpoints of the forms. We have also improved the website loading speed. We also highlighted all the awards our client’s business has bagged on the header of the website so that they become the first thing any site visitor sees.

In order to increase the site traffic, we also came up with a content marketing strategy inclusive of blogs that were related to the client’s own portfolio or projects they had done in the past. This strategy turned out to be a success and that was evident from the increase in organic traffic to the website as well as the views on the blogs.


Our campaign has resulted in an organic traffic increase of 75%. We are ranking more than 585 keywords on Google and have already generated 24.9k impressions/p.m. so far. We have also witnessed a significant improvement in the number of backlinks generated.

Our SEO campaign seems to be well on its way to a huge success. Because our client wanted their online presence to be reinforced, we think that the increase in organic traffic to the website by the rate of 75% should be the first metric we should look at. Our content strategy was instrumental in leading the website’s SEO campaign to this stage. The client was really satisfied with the content as the content was really in keeping with their preferences and style. In addition, the client was not ranking locally in Google places, but we changed it by listing their business on Manta, Fyple, MerchantCycle and other high-end local listing websites. The client also wanted to promote her content in audio format because modern trends dictate that many people prefer audiobooks when compared with write-ups. So, we did that as well.

We believe that we haven’t crossed the finish line yet. In fact, we never might. After all, the race for the top spot on search engines is a race that might never end. So, we’ll keep running and try to always be at the lead.

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