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A criminal defense law firm faced difficulty attracting local clients through its website. The clients were unsatisfied with the firm’s current search engine ranking for local keywords and wanted to improve it to drive more traffic to the site.

The main challenge, which was one of the most significant, was the competition in the market. The legal industry naturally had plenty of severe contenders regarding SEO, and other large law firms were already dominating the search engine results.

To overcome this challenge, the entire SEO strategy had to be adjusted to give this law firm a competitive edge. This involved optimizing the website and its content to rank higher in search results for high-quality keywords while also outranking its competitors.

The law firm sought to be at the top of local search results for relevant queries as quickly as possible, as any delay in their SEO efforts could result in losing potential clients to competitors.


A comprehensive Local SEO audit was conducted to identify the issues affecting the website’s visibility.

The following steps were taken to improve its search engine ranking

Keyword research: A thorough analysis of relevant local keywords was conducted to understand the terms potential clients used to search for criminal defense lawyers in the area.

On-page optimization: The website was optimized to target local keywords by improving its content, meta descriptions, headings, and image alt tags. The website’s structure was also improved to ensure that it was easily crawlable by search engines.

Technical optimization: The website’s technical structure was improved to ensure that it was mobile-friendly, and its loading speed was optimized for a better user experience.

Content addition: New pages were added for other practice areas to target additional keywords and reach a wider audience.

Backlink building: The website’s link profile was strengthened by acquiring high-quality backlinks from relevant local websites, such as local directories and other law firms.

Additionally, the following steps were taken to improve the website’s search engine ranking further

Onsite blog posts and images: Targeted keywords were included in onsite blog posts and images to improve the website’s search engine ranking.

Off-site articles: Relevant and high-quality articles were published on reputable sites to improve the website’s link profile.

Local Profile Creation: we utilized local listing directories to obtain many more links


The optimization efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the website’s search engine ranking for local keywords. The law firm’s website now appears on local search results for relevant keywords, leading to increased traffic. The client can directly reach a wider local audience and attract more clients through their website.

Our local SEO campaign has been successful, resulting in a 65% increase in organic traffic. We are now ranking for over 400+ local keywords on Google, as confirmed by our search console data. The positive results of the campaign are reflected in the increased site traffic, with a 137.62% increase in page views and a 154.56% increase in new users compared to the last year. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our campaign and suggest that we are on track to achieve our desired goals. However, there is still room for further improvement and growth in the future.

This case study demonstrates a targeted Local SEO strategies impact on a law firm’s online visibility and success. By improving its website’s search engine ranking for local keywords, the firm was able to reach a wider local audience and attract more potential clients in the area.

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